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Cathay Pacific book a flight


World-class airline Cathay Pacific was established in 1946 in Hong-Kong. Cathay Pacific gained its reputation for high-quality service, friendly staff, modern fleet, and safe flights. According to AirlineRatings.com, Cathay Pacific took 9th place in 20 safest airlines rating for 2020.

Cathay Pacific flights

The main hub of Cathay Pacific is in Hong-Kong International airport and serves 79 destinations around the world. You can book Cathay Pacific flights to Thailand, Japan, Philipines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Maldives, USA, Canada, UK, France, Australia and etc. The choice of destinations is really wide and diverse.

Cathay Pacific Australia

Cathay Pacific operates 70 weekly flights from Australia’s major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and etc to the world’s amazing destinations. With Cathay Pacific Australia, you have the opportunity to plan any kind of holiday: beach gateways, ski and snow, family fun, arts and culture, adventure trails, and so on. Cathay Pacific cheap flights enable you to spend your best holiday without breaking your budget.

Cathay Pacific Sale

Have you dreamt of taking a walk in the beautiful streets of Rome or see how Eiffel Tower is sparkling at night in Paris? Do you often picture being on a sandy beach or swimming in blue glowing water? You can make all of these dreams reality with Cathay Pacific Sales. The airline offers hot deals to amazing destinations and gives everyone the opportunity to book cheap flights to their dream destination.

Cathay Pacific Cabin Classes

Cathay Pacific offers four cabin classes: Economy Class, Premium Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class. All of them provide passengers with comfort and excellent in-flight service. However, Cathay Pacific Business Class and First Class are guarantee of luxurious travel. These cabins are refined and improved with innovative seats and beds, which are very spacious and equipped with a multi-port connector and USB port for devices.

Cathay Pacific business class offers a mouth-watering menu with Asian and Western cuisine that is absolutely favorite for passengers.

Cathay Pacific check-in information

For Cathay Pacific flights, passengers can check-in online and at the airport as well. To save time at the airport, it’s better to check-in online 48 hours up to and 90 minutes before the departure time. Then you should download and print your boarding pass to take it with you at the airport. But if you don’t want a printable boarding pass, you can make mobile check-in and download a mobile boarding pass on your phone.

If you prefer to check-in for your flight at the airport, the best way to do it is a kiosk. Check-in kiosk is a fast and easy service that enables you to print your boarding pass directly from there. Don’t forget that you should check-in at a kiosk 50 minutes prior to departure time.

In case you face some problems or misunderstandings about your flight or during online check-in, you should find Cathay Pacific contact and get assistance from the support team.

Cathay Pacific Australia contact number: 131 747

Hong-Kong contact number: 2747-3333

USA contact number: 1 (800) 233-2742

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Singapore Airlines flights Australia


Singapore Airlines is one of the oldest and best flag carrier in the world. The airline was founded in 1947 and since then has been operating successfully worldwide. Singapore Airlines won many significant awards including “World’s Best Airline” and “Asia’s Leading Airline 2019”.

Singapore Airlines is strongly focused on service and quality. It has one of the most modern and refined fleet. The airline offers five travel classes: Economy Class, Premium Economy Class, Business Class, First Class, and Suits.

Travel Classes

Singapore Airlines flights are comfortable and pleasant in every cabin class, however, there is a huge improvements due to levels.

Singapore Airlines Economy class

seats of the Economy class are really comfortable and give passengers a space, but if someone needs more legroom, they can choose Extra Legroom Seats and enjoy with more space.

 Singapore Airlines Premium Economy class

With sufficiently spacious seats, Singapore Airlines Premium Economy cabin offers calf-rest and foot-rest built right into the seat. You can also enjoy two USB ports, power supply to charge electronic devices, and a personal reading lamp. And don’t forget to reserve your meal from Premium Economy Book the Cook menu.

 Singapore Airlines Business Class

Having a good sleep is important to start your business meeting or journey refreshed and energized. This is exactly what Singapore Airlines Business Class fully-flat bed will offer you. All leather seats are equipped with direct aisle access, power connectivity, mirror, noise-canceling headphones and, etc. You can reserve your main course 24 hours before the flight from Book the Cook menu and enjoy with KrisWorld in-flight entertainment during the flight.

 Singapore Airlines First Class

Singapore Airlines First Class offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. You can have your tea and just take a rest, work in a very pleasant environment, or have some fun with KrisWorld in-flight entertainment.

Singapore Airlines Suites

Would you like to know what luxury flight means? Then book your Singapore Airlines flight with Suites cabin class. This cabin has its own sliding doors, window blinds, leather seats in warm tones, and standalone beds. Cabin is also equipped with a touch-screen monitor, wireless tablets, and lavatories with ensuite wardrobes.

Singapore Airlines Australia

Singapore Airlines operate flights to 130 destinations worldwide with subsidiaries SilkAir and Scoot. The airline connects passengers from Australia to 32 countries on five continents. The airline serves the highest number of international destinations in Australia and India.

Singapore Airlines Australia offers flights from major Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, and Canberra.

Flights from Sydney

Book your next European romantic gateway from Sydney to Paris or London and discover the beauty of these amazing cities. Or explore a wonderful culture of Asian cities like Mumbai, Tokyo, Osaka, and etc.

 Flights from Melbourne

Would you like to plan your next vacation in a tropical paradise? Book cheap flights from Melbourne to Manila or Phuket and enjoy sandy beaches, blue-shimmering water, and beautiful jungles.

Flights from Brisbane

Ready for a crazy trip and adventures? Then book your next unforgettable trip in Singapore from Brisbane and get ready for mindblowing days.

Singapore Airlines check-in Information

After you book your Singapore Airlines flight, you need to make a check-in at the airport or online. If you decide to check-in at the airport, arrive at least 3 hours prior to a flight at the airport. You can check-in for your flight at self-check-in kiosks and print your boarding pass directly from it.

To save time, it’s better to check-in online from your computer or mobile from 48 hours to 1.5 hours before the flight. After you fill all the details, you should print your bearing pass or download a mobile version on your phone.

In case you have some misunderstandings or problems with online check-in, don’t hesitate to find Singapore Airlines contact and get help from the support team.

Singapore Airlines contact number in Australia: 13 10 11 (24 hours, 7 days a week)

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last minute flights


In today’s world travelling is one of the most common and popular activities in society. When someone is going to have a journey, mostly they start planning it in advance and manage to find cheap tickets. However, when it comes to spontaneous business meetings or other emergency situations, people have to find tickets immediately. But we all know that tickets are expensive at this time. Therefore, airlines have decided to suggest last minute flights to those who need them immediately.

What are the last minute flights?

Last-minute flights are flights that people buy close to the departure, maybe a week before, a day before or exactly on the day of the flight. Sometimes airlines can’t fill the whole plane, so they sell air tickets cheaply when they are close to the departure date. As we already mentioned, these flights are relevant for people who travel in an emergency or are flexible with travel dates.

How to find cheap last minute flights?

If you’ve already received a call for an emergency meeting or spontaneously decided to go on vacation, you need to search for cheap last minute flights. Not always every airline offers cheap air tickets at this time, so you have to check every possible option. If you have several days ahead of your trip, you should subscribe to airline newsletters. Airlines always send notifications about their last minute flight deals.

Which airlines offer last minute flights?

Australian carries such as Qantas, Virgin flights, Jetstar and etc. often have cheap last minute flight deals for their customers. Travellers, who have a subscription of newsletters of these airlines, can take advantage of last-minute flights and save money on travel. Australians can often use cheap last minute flights from Sydney to any domestic or international flights. However, there are better last-minute flight deals for Australian domestic flights as a rule.

Which are the best destinations for a last-minute flights?

As we already mentioned travellers can often come across to affordable last minute flights from Sydney. However, you can find last minute flights from Melbourne as well at affordable pricing. Airlines offer cheap last minute flights from Melbourne to top destinations such as New York, Paris, London or the best holiday gateways like  Bangkok, Bali, Manila and etc.

Where to buy last-minute flights?

Whenever you are in require of last-minute flights, you should visit Flyaustralia.org to discover the best flight deals from more than 700 airlines. Our search system will enable you to compare those deals and choose the most relevant option for your query.

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Skyscanner Cheap flights engine


Skyscanner is one of the most popular air ticket search system in Australia. The reason, why it’s so demanding for Australians, is clear: Skyscanner is one of the most modernized and sophisticated travel search sites.

How Does Skyscanner works?

Skyscanner travel engine offers you airfares of different airlines and online travel agencies. Actually, customers don’t book and buy tickets on the website. After selecting departing and arriving cities and dates, the system shows you every existing flight. When you choose your favorite one, Skyscanner Australia will redirect you to the official website of the airline where you complete the booking.

 Skyscanner Australia offers the best prices

Cheap air tickets are a priority when it comes to planning a trip. So, customers are always seeking to travel sites that will offer them the best prices. Skyscanner Australia would be the best option for travelers who are searching for flights inside or outside of Australia.

 Skyscanner Aus offers all travel services 

Traveling is one of the most pleasant and great experiences of a lifetime, so planning of it should be the best experience too. With air tickets, you can find all services such as hotels, car hire, insurance and etc on Skyscanner Aus. It enables you to plan your whole trip in one space.

Skyscanner au offers price alerts

Want to plan a trip but prices aren’t affordable for you? Skyscanner au takes care of their customers in this case too and gives you an opportunity to use price alert function. To active it, you just have to search for your desired flight and the system will suggest you create an alert for a chosen flight. You will fill a grape with your email address and whenever the price drops for your flight, you will receive an alert. That’s how you book your dream trip on budget.

Skyscanner’s “Everywhere” search

Sometimes it’s hard to decide where to go when there are so many amazing places in the world. For those, who have difficulties with choosing traveling places, Skyscanner worked out the feature, that will help you to make the decision easier. To take advantage of the “Everywhere” search, you have to choose a departing airport and choose “everywhere” for arriving. Skyscanner Aus will show you destinations with cheapest prices from your chosen airport.

Skyscanner’s Multi-city search

With Skyscanner au, you can put several flights in one journey. Multi-city is the best feature for those, who wish to visit several cities in one trip and looking for adventures. Certainly, such kinds of trips seem to be hard to plan and actually it is, but Skyscanner makes it as simple as possible.

Skyscanner’s mobile app

We already know that Skyscanner Australia is focused on making travel comfortable and better for its customers. One of the proof for it is their mobile app, that makes planning your whole trip simple and enjoyable. You can search for Skyscanner flights wherever you are. For example, if you get price alert but you don’t carry your laptop with you, a mobile app is the best way out for you to book the cheapest Skyscanner flights for your dream destination.

You are safe and secured with Skyscanner

Skyscanner is 100% responsible for the safety of your personal information. They are committed to provide confidentiality of all personal data and they never use it for commercial goals. What about payment, there aren’t hidden fees on Skyscanner and you always pay the price you see at the beginning of the booking.

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Jetstar cheap flights booking online


Jetstar Airways is an Australian low-cost airline that was established in 2003. Jetstar is headquartered in Melbourne and is wholly owned by Qantas. Firstly, Jetstar Australia started operating as a domestic airline, but then the airline crossed the borders and started international flights too.

Jetstar Flights

Jetstar Airways takes passengers to 85 domestic and international destinations in 17 countries. These countries are: Australia, New Zealand, USA, China, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, South Korea, Fiji, Cook Islands, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

With Jetstar cheap flights you can explore these exotic and splendid countries. Their interesting and wonderful culture, fascinating beaches, picturesque nature – this is what you will experience if you book Jetstar cheap flights.

Jetstar Australia

For those, who fly for business or family meetings within Australia frequently, Jetstar domestic flights are really beneficial. Jetstar Australia operates flights daily from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Hobart, and other Australian cities. Booking domestic flights is easiest and cheapest with Jetstar.

Jetstar Sale

Although Jetstar offers affordable and cheap flights to the passengers, the airline also pampers us with hot deals and sales frequently. You can plan your dream vacation in your favorite destination with Jetstar Sale and don’t break your budget.

For more savings, you can wait till the 24th of May and take advantage of the Jetstar birthday sale. Every year, the airline surprises customers with amazing deals and this is how they celebrate their birthday – making others happy. With Jetstar birthday sale it’s possible to book cheap flights to the destinations they offer and use saved money to book a hotel or just spend it on other activities.

Jetstar check-in information

As a rule, passengers can check-in for their flight online and at the airport. Online check-in is more convenient and free of charge. Check-in opens 48 hours before the flight and closes 2 hours prior to departure. To make Jetstar check-in online, you need to open your booking and have a passport with you. After you fill all the information, you should print your boarding pass and take it with you at the airport. Also, you can download a mobile boarding pass on your phone to board on a plane.

Jetstar airport check-in

What about the airport, you can make Jetstar check-in for your flight there too. All you have to do is to arrive at least 2 hours before the departure time and have your passport with you. You can also check-in through the airport kiosks which is a more comfortable way and print your boarding pass directly from the kiosk and bring it to the gate.

How to manage your booking

You can manage and control your booking after you buy a ticket. It’s very important to check your Jetstar flight status to see if there are any changes in your booking. Sometimes, airlines delay or cancel flights, so check your reservation before you head to the airport. It’s very simple: after doing Jetstar login, fill empty fields with your booking number and surname or email address you used for purchasing.

If you need to make some changes in your flights, for example, change the date or add extra baggage, you can do it by yourself or just find Jetstar contact and receive support from professionals.

Jetstar Contact

Dialing within Australia: 1300 150 100.

Dialing outside Australia: +612 8232 4677.

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