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Jetstar flights

Jetstar Airways is an Australian low-cost airline that was established in 2003. Jetstar is headquartered in Melbourne and is wholly owned by Qantas. Firstly, Jetstar Australia started operating as a domestic airline, but then the airline crossed the borders and started international flights too.

Jetstar Flights

Jetstar Airways takes passengers to 85 domestic and international destinations in 17 countries. These countries are: Australia, New Zealand, USA, China, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, South Korea, Fiji, Cook Islands, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

With Jetstar cheap flights you can explore these exotic and splendid countries. Their interesting and wonderful culture, fascinating beaches, picturesque nature – this is what you will experience if you book Jetstar cheap flights.

Jetstar Australia

For those, who fly for business or family meetings within Australia frequently, Jetstar domestic flights are really beneficial. Jetstar Australia operates flights daily from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Hobart, and other Australian cities. Booking domestic flights is easiest and cheapest with Jetstar.

Jetstar Sale

Although Jetstar offers affordable and cheap flights to the passengers, the airline also pampers us with hot deals and sales frequently. You can plan your dream vacation in your favorite destination with Jetstar Sale and don’t break your budget.

For more savings, you can wait till the 24th of May and take advantage of the Jetstar birthday sale. Every year, the airline surprises customers with amazing deals and this is how they celebrate their birthday – making others happy. With Jetstar birthday sale it’s possible to book cheap flights to the destinations they offer and use saved money to book a hotel or just spend it on other activities.

Jetstar check-in information

As a rule, passengers can check-in for their flight online and at the airport. Online check-in is more convenient and free of charge. Check-in opens 48 hours before the flight and closes 2 hours prior to departure. To make Jetstar check-in online, you need to open your booking and have a passport with you. After you fill all the information, you should print your boarding pass and take it with you at the airport. Also, you can download a mobile boarding pass on your phone to board on a plane.

Jetstar airport check-in

What about the airport, you can make Jetstar check-in for your flight there too. All you have to do is to arrive at least 2 hours before the departure time and have your passport with you. You can also check-in through the airport kiosks which is a more comfortable way and print your boarding pass directly from the kiosk and bring it to the gate.

How to manage your booking

You can manage and control your booking after you buy a ticket. It’s very important to check your Jetstar flight status to see if there are any changes in your booking. Sometimes, airlines delay or cancel flights, so check your reservation before you head to the airport. It’s very simple: after doing Jetstar login, fill empty fields with your booking number and surname or email address you used for purchasing.

If you need to make some changes in your flights, for example, change the date or add extra baggage, you can do it by yourself or just find Jetstar contact and receive support from professionals.

Jetstar Contact

Dialing within Australia: 1300 150 100.

Dialing outside Australia: +612 8232 4677.

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