Flights to Gold Coast

flights to Gold Coast

Gold Coast is Australia’s most popular and Aussies favourite holiday destination. This beautiful city really offers golden beaches, pristine water, and a lot of marine activities.

The city, where the sun shines almost 300 days of the year, provides every visitor with unforgettable and funny days. The only difficulty in this city is to decide between a huge choice of beaches, fabulous shopping stores, national parks, marine parks, and etc.

 What to do and see in Gold Coast?

Gold Coast has everything for a perfect and action-packed vacation. Choose places you would like to visit do to your queries in advance and enjoy your holidays.

 Surfers Paradise Beach

If you visit the Gold Coast, firstly you should head to the world’s one of the iconic beaches. The see in the front and the skyscrapers behind, make a spectacular and picturesque stretch at Surfer’s Paradise Beach. If you get tired of swimming, surfing or tanning, you can find a shelter in fancy cafes and restaurants around.

 Sea World

For see lovers, Sea World is a must-visit place in Gold Coast. It is the largest marine park in Australia. You can attend shows performing by dolphins, sea lions, seals, and etc. Also, you can see other sea inhabitants, feed penguins, and have fun on sea-themed rides like a rollercoaster.

 Warner Bros Movie World

If you want to see Hollywood in the heart of the Gold Coast and have a crazy time, you should definitely  visit Warner Bros Movie World. It’s so entertaining place especially for children, so for a family vacation, Warner Bros Movie World is must-visit sightseeing. You’ll meet all your favourite superheroes here, enjoy amazing rides and attractions like Green Lantern Roller Coaster, Superman Escape, Doomsday Destroyer, DC Rivals Hypervoaster, and etc.

 Lamington National Park

If you need a tranquil escape from your crazy trip, visiting Lamington National Park would be a great decision. This World-Heritage listed national park offers a beautiful scenery of rainforest and waterfalls, more than 190 species of birds. The most amazing part of the Lamington trip will be O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat, a guesthouse where you can stay at night and enjoy a spa and delicious meal at the cafe.

Questions & Answers

 When is the best time to visit the Gold Coast?

To enjoy the weather and non-crowded beaches and streets, you should visit the Gold Coast from April to May. This period promises a pleasant temperature and lower rainfalls. Moreover, the time from April to May is outside of the school period which means fewer visitors in the city. For this reason, it is the cheapest period too for the Gold Coast trip, because it’s not seasonal and demanded time, so you can book cheap flights to Gold Coast.

 Which Airlines fly to Gold Coast?

The airlines that have direct flights to Gold Coast are Qantas Airways, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, and Tiger Air. You can book the cheapest flights to Gold Coast with Jetstar.

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